IAP example dataset 1107BA_Corn

We provide a a complete dataset, which includes a image series of 33 Fernandez maize plants. An experiment overview is shown in table below. Temperature and humidity were chosen constant over the whole experiment time. The imaging starts 26 days after sowing. For the image acquisition we considering the visible (390-750 nm), fluorescence (520-750 nm) and near-infrared (1450-1550 nm) light-spectra, we also used a one and a four pot configuration. Images were acquired from the side and the top view, the zoom level changes two times during the experiment to capture more details (after day 29 and day 42). This dataset is unfiltered. Due to temporary hardware failures a few of the images within the dataset have a incorrect size and/or are not readable.

The dataset can be loaded with the IAP information system after download and extraction to local file system folder.

Download speed: Depending on the internet connection and on the connection status of our internet server, the download speed may be limited. In this case, it is recommended to download the ZIP file, containing this dataset from SourceForge. Click here for download. Then unzip the data set and open the dataset (folder) using the IAP command Load Dataset > Local File System.

Experiment Property Value
Duration 9 weeks in the system,
2 weeks pre cultivation
Number of plants 33
Number of images 33798
Size (GB) 113
Number of angles 25 side, 1 top
Resolution visible (px) 2056 × 2454
Resolution fluorescence (px) 1038 × 1390
Resolution near-infrared (px) 254 × 320
Watering see dataset

Click here to Download (JPG) (4.75 GB - this dataset is linked within IAP, but can also be downloaded as single ZIP file). As an alternative you may also download this file from SourceForge (link).

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